Press Release 8-10-2015

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Your Legacy, Your LifeВ® Program Stresses the
Importance of Capturing Life Stories for Future Generations

Logan, UT, August 10, 2015 -- YL Enterprises, LLC recently announced the launch of Your Legacy, Your Life, a program developed to help people write their life stories and to preserve them for future generations. According to Lyn Fisher, co-founder and author of Your Legacy, Your Life: A Guide to Help You Preserve Your Memories and Stories for Posterity, "I strongly believe that a person's legacy extends beyond the fame and fortune they achieve. A person's legacy is the life he or she has lived ... the values cherished, life lessons learned and the relationships enjoyed. These memories and stories are priceless, and it's important that they be captured so they can be passed on to future generations."

Often, people start a journal or diary, only to quit after writing a few entries, and playing catch up on the early chapters of their lives can be an overwhelming project. To help them capture these memories and to stay motivated, the Your Legacy, Your Life program supports the formation of groups (Legacy Writers' Circles) so members can encourage each other and enjoy the memory-jogging activities included in the book and on the website. Groups can consist of family members (immediate and extended), friends, neighbors, and members of social and religious groups.

If anyone doubts the importance of capturing their stories, they just need to ask themselves these questions about their ancestors:

  • If he were here today, what would I want to know about him?
  • What difficulties did she face in her life, and how did she overcome these challenges?
  • What were his beliefs on politics? Religion? Raising children?

There are, of course, numerous questions we would probably ask. And, just as we want to learn more about our ancestors, our posterity will want to know more about us. This is a legacy that everyone can leave to future generations.

The Your Legacy, Your Life package includes the book and a personal Writer's Platform where, once registered, members can write and securely store their stories and upload related photos. The book includes hundreds of Memory Words, questions and stories to help participants remember and write story vignettes about important occasions in their lives. When using the Platform, members can choose to follow the book format to write their stories (the guided path), or work independent of the book (unguided path).

For more information about the Your Legacy, Your Life program, check out our press kit Press Kit



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