LYNDA (Lyn) FISHER (bio)In 2010 Lynda Fisher’s mother passed away leaving behind a wealth of stories about her life. Reading them, Lyn developed an even deeper respect for her mother. She soon realized that those stories were her mother’s legacy. As she talked with others about them, she found that all could relate to the importance of capturing their life stories and documenting family history.

Realizing that people needed a format and on-going encouragement to capture their memories, she wrote Your Legacy, Your Life, a book that includes Memory Words, Group Activities and an abundance of stories written by Lyn and other contributors. “When people read or hear other people’s personal experiences, it helps them remember their own,” she explains. Lyn also is the author of I Wish You Happiness: Creating an Ethical Will for the People You Love.

Lyn has been a business entrepreneur since the 1980s, and is founder and owner of High 5 Communications, LLC, a marketing and book publishing company. As writer, editor and book designer, she has helped numerous authors write and publish their books.

Her newest business endeavor, YL Enterprises, LLC, focuses on legacy writing and the program that has evolved. A website [ has been developed that provides a secure location for people to write and preserve their life stories and upload related photos.

“This has become my passion,” she says. Lyn is hopeful that others will catch the legacy writing bug and start preserving their stories today. She adds, “There is no guarantee that tomorrow will come.”

Lyn is married to Kim Petersen and between them they have 15 children, 64 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. Lyn and Kim reside in Logan, Utah and spend their winters in Yuma, Arizona.



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