To organize a MEMORY CIRCLE, invite friends, familyВ  (both immediate or extended), or members of a social or religious group you belong to, to participate."

Group Activities can be found in the Your Legacy, Your Life book, and Agendas for 12 Memory Circle meetings can be found in the Circle Leader's Guidebook. Both are available in the SHOP.

12 FAQs About Memory Circles

1. What is a Memory Circle?

A Memory Circle is an organized group of people who join together for the common purpose of preserving their life stories and memories.

2. How do I organize a Circle?

For only $29 (1x fee), you can purchase the Circle Leaders' Package that includes:

  • Leader's Guidebook (pdf)
  • Circle Introductory Video (mp4)
  • Invitation Templates
  • Memory Word Templates
  • Additional Group Activities
  • Subscription to Legacy Writer's Newsletter (6 issues)

The package will give you everything you need to get started, and can be purchased in the SHOP.

3. Who should I invite to join my Memory Circle?

A Memory Circle can be made up of family members (immediate or extended), friends and neighbors, members of a religious or social group, or other people who have an interest in capturing their life stories. However, because it's an "invitation only" program, you determine who joins your Circle.

4. How many people should I invite?

We recommend keeping your Circle groups to a smaller, more intimate size of 6 to 10 members. Of course, if Uncle Jonas wants to be included and he makes the 11th member, by all means include him.

The reason we suggest a smaller group is because there are Group Activities featured in the Your Legacy, Your Life book in which everyone should participate. A smaller group will allow time for everyone to share, not only a story they wrote after the last meeting (their assignment), but in the Group Activity as well.

NOTE: If your Circle group is larger, you might consider splitting attendees into smaller groups for the Group Activities.


5. Once invited, what do members have to do to participate?

First, to participate each member should have their personal Writer's Platform. The Platform provides a place for their stories to be written and preserved, and they can email copies toВ  other members of the Circle.В В  Sign up today for a free 30-day trail of the Writer's Platform. Enter FREE30 in the coupon box.



6. What if a there are multiple family members residing in the same household and they want to share a copy of Your Legacy, Your Life book. Can they do this?

Yes, they can share the Your Legacy, Your Life book. However, each person should have, his or her own Writer's Platform where he or she can write and store personal stories and memories. The Platform will allow each member to organize his or her personal stories and to save them for posterity. It can be purchased in the SHOP.

7. How often and where should we meet?

The frequency of your meetings it totally up to you and those attending. We suggest you ask attendees at the first meeting how often they would like to get together, stressing that they need to be willing to commit to the schedule. Also, find out where they would like to meet. While some might prefer meeting in an office conference room or a meeting room at the local library, others might want to take turns hosting the meetings in their homes.

8. What exactly should we do during these Circle Meetings?

"At the beginning of each Circle meeting each member will share the stories they have written on the topic featured in the last meeting. Then, as host you will introduce the current topic. If you don't have the time or the inclination to prepare and present the information yourself, you can purchase the introductory videos that provide similar information."

Once the introduction is completed, the Group Activities begin. They're featured in each chapter of the Your Legacy, Your Life book and in the Circle Leader's Guidebook. At the conclusion of each meeting, let everyone know what the assignment(s) are for the next meeting.

The Circle tools we've provided will make hosting a meeting a simple process. Invitations, templates, and and additional Group Activities are available in the Leader's Guidebook and on the website. Keep in mind that you have to do it all yourself. Instead, ask for a volunteer from the group or a member of your team to help take care of organizational details of each meeting.

9. Okay, I want to start a Circle. Now what?

Great! For starters we suggest you purchase the following:

- The Circle Leader's Package that includes:

  • Intro Video that explains the Your Legacy, Your Life В® program.
  • Guidebook that provides an agenda for 12 Circle sessions.
  • Email templates (included in Guidebook) for inviting others to join your Circle
  • Memory Words templates used for many of the Group Activities

- Your personal Your Legacy, Your Life book and Writer's Platform.

Set a date/time/location and then phone and/or email the people you want to invite. (Note: It's also a good idea to call and let them know to expect the email and to explain what the Circle is all about.)

10. What are the benefits of belonging to a Memory Circle?

Circle members can email stories to each other from their personal Platforms, andВ  share selected stories and participate in the fun activities.

The Your Legacy, Your Life book has numerous Group Activities for you to choose from. As a Circle leader, you will find additional ideas available on the Circle Leader Resources page and in the Legacy Writer's Newsletter.

Circle members will enjoy the bonding that occurs between members. As they share stories and activities, members develop a understanding and respect for the other participants.


11. How many Circles can I organize or belong to?

You can organize as many or as few Circles as you want. However, we do suggest that you keep the number of members in a Circle to a manageable number (8-10).


12. What if I have family members who are spread throughout the U.S. or the world, can we still organize a Circle?

The Your Life, Your Legacy program is excellent for families who are geographically challenged and are looking for a way to stay connected. Invite them to join your Circle and then share stories via email.

Ask members to add their memories to stories you have written, and vice versa.В  It's surprising how reading another person's story brings back memories of your own about the person, place of occasion.

You might ask members to join together to create a common project; i.e. write memories of grandma or grandpa for his or her upcoming birthday.


The Circle Leader’s Package includes everything you need to organize Circle groups:

  • Guidebook for Circle Leaders
  • Templates for Memory Words cards
  • Subscription to Legacy Writer's eNewsletter (6 issues)
  • Introductory Video - Welcome to Your Legacy, Your LifeВ®
  • Invitation Templates
  • Additional Group Activities

Become a Circle Leader today!

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Williams_Janet After hearing their stories, I have a deep appreciation for the members of our Circle. I encourage others to start a Circle if you are looking for a way to grow closer to your family or friends.

Janet W., Oregon

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Belonging to a Circle has been a great experience as we worked through the different stages of our lives. Sharing with others has helped me remember a lot of experiences I had forgotten.

Kim P., Utah


The classes have given me a focus to start writing my stories. The camaraderie and feedback from our Legacy Writers' Circle has enabled me to start sharing my memories.

Shoni B. British Columbia.


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