Finding Time to Find the Time

Finding Time to Find the Time

If I were to tell you to sit down and write your autobiography, most of you would run for the door. Who has time to do that? While a few of you may have the ability and time to write your “complete” story, for most it is an overwhelming task. Instead, I encourage you to write story “vignettes.” The dictionary describes a vignette as 1) short, usually descriptive literary sketch, and 2) a short scene or incident, as from a movie.  This makes it sound much easier, doesn’t it... to share “short scenes” from your life?



Of course, the next problem we all face is finding the time to write our memories. While our lives are filled with a lot of "have to dos," upon further inspection we find there are some "quiet times" in our day. For early risers, this may be when you first get up and no one else is yet awake. For night owls, it may be after the family has gone to bed. And, of course, there's that space of time when we are eating lunch or taking a break. I suggest you find the time that is right for you and make that your MEMORY TIME.


Some researchers say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, others say 66 days... whichever it may be, that is our goal. Make MEMORY WRITING a habit. Make it an important part of your day that you accomplish without any more thought than you do to brushing your teeth... it's just automatic.



Once you've determined the "when," you need to determine the "where." Find a location where you are comfortable and can mentally reminisce about your life events. Remember that we are trying to make this a habit, so all your stories don't have to be 5-6 pages long, instead you just need to write something -- a page or two, or a paragraph or two. The main thing, WRITE SOMETHING!




Now that figured out the "when" and "where" to write, you need to determine the "how." Do you like to handwrite your stories in a tablet? Or do you prefer typing them on your computer or typewriter? I prefer typing as my handwriting isn't all that great... sometimes I can't even read it. And best of all, I like to write mine on my personal Legacy Writer's Platform where I can safely store them (cloud-based storage) and easily share them via email with family members. You can learn more about the Writer's Platform by going to The Platform is also included when you purchase the Your Legacy, Your Life book package. Check it out at


Once you start writing your memories, you'll find you have created a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. Enjoy the process and be assured that the end results will well be worth the effort.


Lynda Fisher is the author of Your Legacy, Your Life and I Wish You Happiness: Creating an Ethical Will for the People You Love. She is passionate about the practice of Legacy writing. As a speaker, author and business entrepreneur, she is sharing her message with others throughout North America in hopes they will join her in her crusade to preserve their life stories and family history.

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