10 FAQs About Your Legacy, Your Life Program

1. What is the Your Legacy, Your Life Program?

The YLYL program was created on the concept that your life is your legacy. According to Lynda Fisher, author of Your Legacy, Your Life, "I strongly believe that a person's legacy extends far beyond the fame and fortune he or she achieves. It is the life lived, values cherished, lessons learned and the relationships enjoyed. These memories and stories are priceless. And it's extremely important that they be captured so they can passed on to future generations."

2. Who is the program for?

The program is for anyone who understands the importance of capturing his or her personal stories. Some, such as teens, can use it as a journal or diary - writing their stories as they happen. For others, the program will help them to recall important life moments and to write about them.

3. What does the Your Legacy, Your Life package consist of?

The package consists of a book - available in a digital format for iPads and other electronic tablets or in a spiral - bound printed book, and access to the Legacy Writer's Platform. Following is a description of each:

a. The Your Legacy, Your Life book includes questions, activities and Memories Words to help you remember moments throughout your lifetime/Personal stories contributed by others are included throughout.

b. The Legacy Writer's Platform is either included with a book purchase, or can be purchased separately, and includes 1GB of cloud storage for preserving stories, memories and pictures in a secure location.

4. My spouse and I can share the Your Legacy Your Life book, but we would like to have our own personal Writer's Platforms. Is this possible?

Yes, the Writer's Platform is sold separately in the SHOP just for this reason.

5. What exactly is the Legacy Writer's Platform?

The Legacy Writer's Platform exists on the Internet. To access it, users need to have Internet access via a computer, tablet device or smart phone. On your personal Platform, you will find categories and questions that correspond with the ones included in the Your Legacy, Your Life book. You can choose to follow this format or to work independent of it.

6. What do you Mean by Cloud Storage?

While cloud storage sounds like it has something to do with the weather, it is actually the ability to store the things you write, pictures and videos in an off-site data storage center maintained by a third party. The benefits of doing this are that you can access your information from any location and from any device that has Internet access.

7. How much is 100 MB of storage?

Text uses very little storage, so you won't have to limit the amount you write. If you are uploading photos, it depends on their sizes. For example, an 8 megapixel picture uses around 1.7 to 3.4 MB of storage.В  For digital viewing smaller 4.5 megapixel can be uploaded. This would use around 2.2 to 1.1 MB of storage. As you can see, 100 MB will go a long way.

8. What if I run out of space?

No problem. You can purchase more for a minimal fee.

9. How do I access my personal Platform?

The Legacy Writer's Platform is available by going to https://www.yourlegacyyourlife.com/writersplatform/. You will be asked to register on this page, by providing your name, email address, username and a password. Once you have done this, you will receive an email providing you with access information. It's really a very easy process.

10. How do I access my personal Writer's Platform?

  1. Once you have registered, a button will appear in the top menu bar called WRITER’S PLATFORM. Put your cursor on the button and a pull-down menu will appear with two options — MY PLATFORM and PROFILE.
  2. Click on MY PLATFORM where you can choose to:
    • Follow the GUIDED PATH — life segments and questions are included to help guide you on your legacy writing journey.
    • Follow the UNGUIDED PATH — you can write whatever stories come to mind.
    • Upload photos related to the stories.
  3. Click on PROFILE to make changes to your account.
    • Go to EDIT and click on PASSWORD. This is where you can change your own secure password that you can more easily remember.

Enjoy your journey!


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