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In 2014, Lyn Fisher authored Your Legacy, Your Life: A step-by-step guide to help you preserve your memories and stories for posterity. Realizing there was a need for people to capture their life stories before it was too late, she envisioned groups of people, family members, both immediate and extended, friends, neighbors, and members of social or religious groups coming together to support each other in this important project. In 2012, she founded YL Enterprises, LLC, a company dedicated to helping people create their written legacies. The same year she was introduced to Philip Gow, who immediately saw the need for such a program and joined her as technology and marketing partner in this endeavor. Philip proceeded to bring together a team of experts to build the website, consisting of a sophisticated technology platform that allows people to write their stories and upload pictures to their personal Writer's Platform from any digital device. In response to the need for people to join together as a group and to encourage each other, the website provides a Circle Platform where groups can be organized by Circle leaders. Members can then communicate with each via its Communication Center and can share their stories with other Circle members or friends and family outside the group. In addition, Life Enterprises offers a turn-key Your Legacy Advisor Program to professional services providers - financial advisors, CPAs, insurance professionals and estate planning attorneys - providing them with the all the needed tools to introduce the Your Legacy, Your LifeВ® program to their clients, and to position themselves as the advisor of choice for multigenerations of clients. Today, YL Enterprises, LLC continues to add innovative technology to its site to ensure people worldwide are able to preserve their memories and family stories for future generations.


Lynda (Lyn) Fisher, co-founder and CEO of YL Enterprises, LLC, is the author of Your Legacy, Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Preserve Your Memories and Stories for Posterity and I Wish You Happiness: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating an Ethical Will for the People You Love. Lyn also is co-author of numerous industry books (with Sydney LeBlanc and Steven Drozdeck) and has assisted many financial professionals with publishing theirs. She and long-time business associate Sydney LeBlanc were co-founders and publishers of Transitions Magazine. Lyn has been actively involved in the financial services industry for more than 25 years. She is the founder of High 5 Speakers Bureau, and of High 5 Communications. Previously she was a financial consultant with Smith Barney and prior to that, associate publisher of Bank Investment Representative magazine.

Philip Gow, co-founder and CTO of YL Enterprises, LLC, has been instrumental in the development of website, a unique platform that allows members to write and preserve their personal stories and pictures and to participate in Circle groups. He also is founder and CEO of Advisory Platform Solutions. Since APS' inception, Philip has developed a consortium of best of breed technology suppliers to facilitate the development and deployment of next generation advisory platforms. Prior to founding APS, Philip established and led the Wealth Management and Financial Planning practice at American Management Systems (currently AMS-CGI). Philip successfully established and runs two technology services firms, a portfolio management product endeavor, and a fundraising management system product.

Theresa MacMurdo was instrumental in the design of the website. She also is founder of Intuitive Experience Consulting, LLC an interactive design firm delivering intuitive sites and mobile apps that align an organization's strategic goals and initiatives. Prior to that, she was Senior User Experience Consultant with Ironworks Consulting, and worked with companies such as American Cancer Society, Capital One Financial Corp., Discover Channel, Edison Electric Institute and Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia as a Sr. Information Architect.

Steven Drozdeck is director of Internet Marketing and Communications for YL Enterprises, LLC. Steve has extensive knowledge marketing and communications enhancement strategies for businesses and professionals and applies his broad knowledge to increasing individual and business productivity. Steve also is co-founder of Cloud Learning Resources ( a website that provides online training courses for business professionals, financial advisors and balance seekers. Steve began his career in 1974 as a financial advisor. Since 1980 he has trained over 50,000 sales professionals, written 17 books, scores of articles, spoken at numerous corporate and industry conferences, and developed or conducted training programs for numerous international companies such as Merrill Lynch, Johnson & Johnson and Wells Fargo. Steve is the author and co-author of numerous books, including a financial industry's best-seller, The Broker's Edge.



Your Legacy, Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Preserve Your Memories and Stories for Posterity book helps readers to remember and capture their life memories with the use of stories, some written by the author and others by guest contributors, questions, memory words and group activities. Chapter topics include:

  • Early Childhood Memories
  • Adolescent Memories
  • Young Adulthood Memories
  • Mid-Life Memories
  • Senior Moments
  • Gathering Your Family History
  • Historical Memories
  • Special Sections, include:
    • Writing with Emotion
    • Writing a Picture
    • Now and Then
    • No Fear Writing
    • Genealogy: Is It for You?

I Wish You Happiness: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating an Ethical Will for the People You Love is a beautiful 4-color book that helps people understand the What? Why? How? and When? of writing ethical wills (legacy letters.) Section topics include:

  • What is an Ethical Will?
  • Your Personal Message
  • From Me to You
  • Your Legacy, Your Life

A Final Request: Plan Now to Simplify End of Life Decisions for Loved Ones. Losing a loved one is difficult and planning a funeral at a time of grief makes it even more so.В  This 8-page booklet lists the things they will need know and provides space for the reader to respond to each. Section topics include:

  • Planning Your Service
  • Burial
  • Cremation
  • Additional Information (legal and financial)

Web Platforms

Legacy Writer's Platform.В  A person's personal Platform is located on 100 MB cloud storage where stories can be written and shared with others (optional). It allows readers to follow the book outline when writing life stories (guided path) or to write in whatever manner best suits them (unguided path). The platform can be included in the purchase of Your Legacy, Your Life ( book package), or can be purchased separately for households that already have a copy of the book.

Circle Leader's Platform. The purchase of a Circle Leader's Package provides all the tools a person will need to organize a Circle group.

Circle Tools

A wide assortment of tools are available to help make Circle event planning easy and to ensure everyone has a good time. They include:

  • Memory Words-5 setsВ  (templates provided, actual cards can be purchased)
  • Intro Videos-introduces the topic of each workshop, 12 total
  • Legacy Writer's Newsletter-annual subscriptions available (6 issues)


A turn-key package is available for professional service providers to enable them to gain and retain multi-generations of clients. The Premium Package includes:

  • Guidebook for Professional Service Providers (pdf)
  • Introductory Client Video
  • The Power of Your Legacy, Your Life Advisor Webinar
  • Annual subscription to Legacy Writers' Newsletter
  • 12 Scripted PowerPoints, one for each Circle event (can be upgraded to videos for a small fee)

Following are three ways Advisors can use the Your Legacy, Your Life program:

  1. Seminar for clients, prospects and their families.
  2. Circle Events for smaller, more intimate groups.
  3. Individual Gifts for clients and their family members.


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